Accounts Receivable Factoring for Business OwnersThere are many issues that affect the success of your business. One of the most important is cash flow. You can’t always control the way cash flows in and out of your business. One element that can be especially frustrating in this regard is waiting for customers to pay invoices. Waiting for weeks or even months to get paid can really harm your cash flow, especially during times when business is slow. Accounts receivable factoring is one of the best ways to remedy this situation.

Basic Facts About Factoring Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts receivable refers to any outstanding invoices for products or services that you provide to your customers. It’s common for customers to wait 30 to 75 days before paying invoices.
  • Factoring of accounts receivable is a process in which a factoring company purchases your accounts receivable and provides you with immediate cash.
  • Factoring gives your business a quick cash flow boost. You get paid for your invoices right away rather than having to wait for your customers to pay.
  • Factoring of accounts receivable is one of the easiest types of business financing to obtain. Even if your business is new or you don’t have perfect credit you may be eligible for this type of financing.

When businesses seek more efficient ways to improve cash flow, invest in inventory or marketing or pay their expenses, they have several options. They can devote more energy to collections and try to get customers to pay their invoices faster. This is often a futile and frustrating pursuit. Alternately, they can apply for a traditional small business loan. There are, however, fairly strict requirements for business loans. You must have strong credit and your business has to be fairly well established. Invoice factoring is an alternative way to improve your cash flow. With this process, you work with a factoring company that purchases your invoices. Your best choice for obtaining this type of service is Riviera Finance, a recognized leader in this field.

Make Your Business Stronger with Riviera Finance

When seeking any type of business financing, it’s important to choose a stable and trustworthy financial services company. Riviera Finance has been helping small and medium-sized businesses since 1969. With branches across the United States and Canada and reliable customer service, we can help you grow your business and improve your cash flow. Here are some of the ways Riviera helps your business.

how invoice factoring works

The Riviera Process is Simple

  • Take your business to the next level. Lack of cash flow impedes business growth in many ways. With invoice factoring, you can take on more customers, purchase essential inventory, hire more help, or invest in stronger marketing.
  • Negotiate better terms from suppliers. Many suppliers offer cash discounts. You can save money by getting more favorable arrangements from suppliers.
  • Shift your focus from collections to growth. Invoice factoring means that you no longer have to worry about sending out collection notices.
  • Riviera’s credit guarantee helps you eliminate bad debt and strengthen your credit. Unlike traditional loans, invoice factoring doesn’t mean taking on additional debt.

See How Easy It Is to Become a Riviera Finance Account Receivable Factoring Customer

  • Factor your invoices. Riviera establishes a credit limit for your customers.
  • Provide your products or services as usual.
  • Get paid for your invoices in 24 hours!
  • Your customers pay their invoices to Riviera. No waiting on your part.

Accounts receivable factoring is the best way to improve your business’s financial situation. This process frees you up to focus on growth, customer service, and marketing while removing the inconvenience of waiting for customers to pay. It’s easy to start getting cash for your accounts receivable.

Simply contact Riviera Finance today to find out more.