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This privacy policy applies to:

  • Applicants for Riviera Finance services
  • Approved clients of Riviera Finance
  • Former applicants/clients of Riviera Finance.

Selling of Information: We will not sell business or personal information to anyone.

Use of Information: We will use information for the following purposes:

  • To understand the needs of an applicant or client relative to our services;
  • To understand the overall needs and habits of our clients in an effort to develop, improve and market our services;
  • To perform due diligence in an effort to establish a factoring facility for an applicant;
  • To perform ongoing credit reviews and verification of transactions in an effort to provide factoring services for a client;
  • To establish contact with account debtors in the course of providing accounts receivable administration for a client;
  • To assist in providing ongoing services to a client;
  • To evaluate the ongoing financial status of a client;
  • To recover collateral in the case of default;
  • To otherwise comply with the law or a court order;
  • To communicate with applicants, clients, or former clients on an ongoing basis on topics of specific interest.

Release of Information to Third Parties: We will not disclose information to third parties, without the permission of the applicant or client, or as required by law.

Online Access to Information: Detailed information is made available to clients regarding their own accounts, through Riviera Online Account Management (ROAM). This access is strictly limited to clients for management of their own accounts, Riviera Finance employees for the purpose of providing client service, and any third party(ies) the authorized clients specify in writing. Privacy of this information is managed through the use of passwords, and therefore it is the obligation of the authorized client to ensure the confidentiality of the information.

Communications: From time-to-time, we will provide information to clients and applicants regarding our services, affiliations, and topics of interest. This information will be communicated through e-mail, our website, the mail, phone, and/or face-to-face. We will respect the wishes of our clients and applicants who prefer not to receive this communication.

Although our access to personal and business information is essential in our effort to deliver the highest quality service, we pledge to respect the sensitivity of this information and ensure that the privacy of our clients and applicants is protected at all times.

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