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Invoice Factoring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Invoice Factoring Services

The following are frequently asked questions about invoice factoring services and how the factoring process works as it pertains to Riviera Finance.

Riviera Finance has been helping small businesses with financial problems or cash flow issues for more than 50 years with 25+ locations in the United States and Canada. Our invoice factoring specialists want to address any and all questions you might have regarding our finance program – contact us online or call us at 1-800-872-7484.

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Questions About Invoice Factoring

Normally between four and seven working days is enough to get a client funded. We are generally able to give preliminary approvals within 24-48 hours via a term sheet that details the basic terms of factoring. Keep in mind that there is a verification process that Riviera must perform on the invoices that are submitted to us for financing. In some cases, the time required to verify these invoices is the driving factor behind getting the funding in a timely manner. Apply Now.

Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Factoring?

Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable for immediate cash. Factoring gives businesses the power to ensure growth without diluting equity or incurring debt. Learn more about What Is Factoring.

What Types Of Businesses Do You Factor?

Riviera serves a wide range of industries, including trucking, temporary personnel agencies, printing companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and many service industries such as janitorial and armed guard services. Most any business that sells a product on terms not exceeding 60 days can use factoring. Learn more about Our Services.

What Size Clients Does Riviera Serve?

Riviera serves companies from start-up to $2 Million in monthly sales. Take a look at our client testimonials.

Do You Have Any Restrictions As To The Location of A Client?

No. Riviera serves clients in all 50 states and Canada. Find a Riviera invoice factoring office near you.

What About The Location of The Client's Customers?

Riviera purchases credit-worthy invoices from anywhere in the US and Canada.

What Is The Advantage of Financing Through an Invoice Factoring Service?

Invoice factoring services and freight factoring services, unlike small business loans, allow you to obtain business financing without debt by selling your accounts receivable. Convert idle receivables to working capital for marketing, payroll funding, supplier discounts and more. Learn more about the advantages of factoring service here.

Can You Supply Me With References From Existing Clients?

Yes, we’re more than happy to provide references once we have received a completed application package.

Types Of Factoring

How Can Freight Bill Factoring Help Trucking Companies?

Sometimes known as “bill of lading factoring,” our freight bill factoring service creates working capital from your accounts receivable. Learn more about Freight Bill Factoring.

What Is Accounts Receivable Factoring?

You can’t always control the way cash flows in and out of your business. One element that can be especially frustrating in this regard is waiting for customers to pay invoices. Waiting for weeks or even months to get paid can really harm your cash flow, especially during times when business is slow. Accounts receivable factoring is one of the best ways to remedy this situation. Learn more about accounts receivable factoring here.

How Does Invoice Factoring Compare To An Accounts Receivable Line Of Credit?

An accounts receivable line of credit and a non-recourse invoice factoring line both provide business financing by converting accounts receivable to cash. An AR line of credit is a loan secured by accounts receivable as collateral, whereas non-recourse invoice factoring is an outright purchase of accounts receivable for cash. Learn more about these types of finance options for business.

How Can Riviera Finance Help With My Company’s Payroll Funding?

Riviera Finance provides payroll funding and added cash flow through accounts receivable factoring and payroll factoring. By choosing this form of small business financing over a small business loan, you are choosing more cash flow without adding debt. Learn more about payroll funding for businesses.

How Can Riviera Finance Help Increase My Business Capital?

As an invoice factoring company, we produce business capital and payroll funding for our clients by purchasing their accounts receivable for cash. Through accounts receivable factoring and freight bill factoring, you can turn your idle assets into working capital. Hundreds of finance brokers bring their clients to Riviera Finance for their cash flow needs. Learn more about working capital help.

How Can Riviera Finance Help Me To Supplement My Business Funding?

Increase business funding through invoice factoring, or accounts receivable factoring, a proven way to increase cash flow and provide working capital for payroll funding and business growth. Invoice funding is effective for small businesses because it maximizes business capital without increasing debt. Learn more about business funding services.

Does Riviera Provide Business Financing Services?

Business financing via invoice factoring, freight bill factoring, or payroll factoring is a great way of providing working capital and cash flow without increasing debt. We have been financing business for 40 years by simply purchasing accounts receivables for cash. Learn more about business financing from Riviera.

How Can I Use Invoice Factoring To Improve My Company’s Cash Flow?

Invoice factoring, a combination of business capital finance and credit management, allows you to extend credit and still get paid cash for your product or service. This working capital tool maximizes cash flow and is often preferred to small business loans as a flexible method of small business financing. Learn more about cash flow support from Riviera.

Does Riviera Finance Provide Full Payroll Services?

We offer full payroll services through our affiliates, and can integrate them seamlessly into our invoice factoring program. Using AR factoring with our payroll processing service, you can obtain full-service payroll funding and credit management, with additional working capital to grow your temp staffing company. Learn more about our payroll services.

Benefits of Choosing Riviera as Your Factoring Company

Speed of Delivery

Our process is built around immediate response to client needs, and the fastest cash turn around in the industry.

Dependable Service

We have 125 skilled employees at key locations across the U.S. approving credit, processing invoices, and wiring.

Maximum Cash Advances

We pay the highest cash advances in the industry and strive to fund our clients without holding reserves.


Riviera’s Online Account Management system, your accounts are available online 24/7.


Simple applications, no set-up fees, and no long-term contracts make getting started with Riviera easy.

Personal Service

Hearing what our clients need and consistently delivering it builds trust and a satisfied customer relationship.


To best serve our diverse client base, Riviera has dedicated support, in your time zone, that speak your language.

Financial Stability

You can feel secure knowing that funds are always available for your next funding.

Application Process

How Long Does It Take To Process My Application?

Normally between four and seven working days is enough to get a client funded. We are generally able to give preliminary approvals within 24-48 hours via a term sheet that details the basic terms of factoring. Keep in mind that there is a verification process that Riviera must perform on the invoices that are submitted to us for financing. In some cases, the time required to verify these invoices is the driving factor behind getting the funding in a timely manner. Apply Now.

Do I Have To Be An Established Business, Operating A Minimum Number Of Years, To Be Approved?

No. Riviera can assist emerging as well as mature companies. Even recent start-ups are not a problem in most cases, as long as there are verifiable accounts receivable.

The Riviera Advantage

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Personal Service

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Invoicing and Collections

Do I Have To Factor All Of My Invoices?

No. You are always free to decide which invoices to factor. Learn more about What Is Factoring.

Are My Receivables Held As Collateral?

Yes. Riviera requires a first position on all accounts receivable while you are factoring. Learn more about What Is Factoring.

How Long Do I Have To Commit To Factoring My Invoices?

Our standard term is six months.  However, we can adjust the term to meet the needs of the client. Learn more about What Is Factoring.

How Will I Know The Status Of My Factored Invoices?

Riviera is pleased to present Riviera Online Account Management, or ROAM for short.  ROAM allows you to access your complete account history securely using the Internet at any time day or night.  In addition, you will be assigned to a professional Account Executive who will be your direct contact for any questions you have.

How Do My Customers Know Where To Send Payments?

When Riviera purchases an invoice, it is stamped with our address before being mailed to the customer. Learn more about What Is Factoring.

How Do I Receive My Money From The Factored Accounts?

Riviera can transfer funds by ATF or wire to your account, send a check through any overnight service or US mail, or you can obtain a check in person.

When Do I Receive The Monies?

Riviera funds all verified invoices submitted on pre-approved debtors within 24 hours of receipt. If the debtor has not been pre-approved for purchase, we will try to fund those invoices as fast as possible, usually within 24 hours as well. This kind of quick turn around is the reason many businesses use Riviera. This is also why Riviera has become the largest privately held factoring company in North America, and one reason we are viewed as the industry leader.

Recent Fundings



Factoring Line


This healthcare staffing business had been operating for a year and was looking to increase working capital to support rapid growth. Initially, they got an MCA loan. The decision caused a reduction in working capital because of high monthly payments and hindered their growth.

Their accountant suggested Riviera to support their working capital needs and future growth with Accounts Receivable Factoring. Riviera Finance was able to payoff the existing loan and provide needed working capital to meet their growing payroll.


Transportation Broker

Factoring Line


Established in 2005, this company needed to maximize cash flow to handle seasonal increases in load volume and a surge in new contracts. Riviera Finance quickly established a full-service factoring line which provides free credit checks and converts invoices to cash within 24 hours. The client is funded twice a week on a non-recourse basis. As a value-add, Riviera Finance prepares and mails checks to the client’s carriers. Between April and June, this client doubled its factored volume and continues to experience healthy growth.


Specialty Wholesaler

Factoring Line


A specialty wholesaler that distributes exclusively to assisted living facilities and the health club industry was looking for a way to grow their business without creating debt. They also needed to find a way to extend large credit lines to customers without risking personal assets. Riviera offered them a way to accomplish both of these objectives. Now after factoring for over a year with Riviera, this company relocated to a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. They are on target to do $5MM in sales, easily meeting payroll and forming a wholesale subsidiary to increase business and profit margins further.

Other FAQs

Riviera Finance has been helping small business owners with cash flow problems for 50 years. Our invoice factoring services are competitive and our customers continue to work with us. If you have questions regarding invoice factoring services, contact us online or call us at 1-800-872-7484 and we will be happy to assist you in any way.

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