Costs of Starting Your Own Trucking Business


Create a Trucking Business Plan

Start-Up Trucking BusinessSo, you’ve decided to start your own trucking business. You’re tired of “working for the man” and you want to be the master of your own destiny.  You have your own truck lined up, a few years of experience, a customer that wants you to haul for them and you have some money put away to help get you started.

You have done the research in the trucking industry; spent hours online and checked out dozens of websites including OOIDA, DAT, Tucker’s Report and more that explain authority, insurance (truck/health), profitability formulas, load boards, ELD services, compliance, taxes, etc. You’ve talked to some other drivers that either currently have their own business or used to. A family member has agreed to help you out by handling paperwork and assistance managing the load boards. You’re all set! Read more

Assistance for Black & Decker Freight Providers Amid IPS Worldwide Bankruptcy Filing


4 Leading Trucking Industry Trends to Watch For in 2019Riviera Finance, a nation-wide freight bill factoring company can help freight providers for Stanley Black & Decker affected by the IPS Worldwide bankruptcy to get paid on their current invoices.  Riviera will guarantee the credit of any invoices they purchase so the carrier can eliminate credit risk and will be paid within 24 hours of verified delivery.
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Truck Factoring 101: Transportation Factoring Basics


Transportation Factoring BenefitsFreight and trucking companies depend on healthy cash flow to stay on the road. As with most businesses, you probably experience fluctuations depending on the time of the year and economic conditions. You need cash to pay drivers, maintain your vehicles, purchase fuel and cover other business expenses. Transportation factoring is a way to ensure that you always have cash on hand.

What is Transportation Factoring?

Transportation factoring or freight bill factoring is a way to sell your unpaid invoices for immediate cash. The truck factoring company provides you with up to 95% of the value of your invoices and takes responsibility for collecting from your clients. Unlike other types of financing, such as bank loans, you don’t need a long business history or pristine credit to get approved for transportation factoring. The factoring company is more concerned with the credit history of your clients as they are the ones who are paying. Read more

4 Leading Trucking Industry Trends For 2019



The trucking industry is experiencing quite a bit of growth right now, largely fueled by e-commerce. While this is good news overall, it also means you need to be prepared to meet the demands of retailers and consumers. The following are four of the top trucking trends for 2019 to help you prepare.


1. Driver Shortage

One of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry right now is the lack of qualified drivers. At a time when the demand for freight is growing, older drivers are retiring with not enough younger drivers to replace them. There are several reasons for this including long hours and the grueling nature of life on the road. Transportation companies must find incentives to encourage more people to choose driving as a career. Otherwise, the driver shortage could have a harmful effect on the entire economy. Read more