How Invoice Factoring Can Help a Seasonal Business


Invoice FactoringMany businesses are seasonal and experience spikes and valleys during different times of the year. For example, if your business depends on summer tourist traffic, sales may be slow during the winter. On the other hand, you may have a business that depends heavily on holiday sales. In such cases, it can be tricky to maintain healthy cash flow during the slower periods.

There are many tactics to help offset cash flow problems. For example, you might introduce new products or services that are popular during your off season. Another very effective way to enjoy steady cash flow is to use invoice factoring, a type of financing that lets you collect payment up front for your invoices. Read more

Purchase Order Financing vs. Invoice Factoring


P.O. Financing vs Invoice FactoringMany question the difference between purchase order financing and invoice factoring.  Here we will explain the difference and when each form of financing is used.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is for importers, wholesalers, and distributors of goods who receive a purchase order (PO) from another business, and need financing to pay their supplier or manufacturer for the finished goods.  As an example, we’ll use a toy company that is selling to a big box retailer.  The toy company receives a PO from the big box retailer.  Read more

How to Select the Best Factoring Company for Your Business


How to Select the Best Factoring CompanyIf you’re seeking an efficient way to quickly improve cash flow for your business, invoice factoring is one of your best options. When you factor your invoices, you get immediate cash that you can use to manage and grow your business.

Once you decide you want to use this creative financing method you have to choose the best invoice factoring company. There are quite a few companies that offer factoring services. How do you select the best one for your needs? The following are some criteria to follow when considering an invoice factoring company. Read more