Basic Accounting For Trucking Companies


basic accounting for truck driverOwners of trucking companies may not have a background in finance, but it’s important to have a  basic understanding of accounting. Even if you have a professional bookkeeper or accountant handling your books, you should be familiar with basic accounting terms and principles. This knowledge will help you understand the health of your business and warn you of problems that may be on the horizon.

Accounting Terminology You Should Know

In order to better understand your finances, it helps if you’re familiar with the terminology. The following are some accounting terms that are relevant to your business. Read more

9 Advantages of Invoice Factoring For Growing Your Business


Business growth with Invoice factoring Any B2B business that is looking for ways to boost cash flow without taking out a traditional loan may be interested in invoice factoring. When invoices are factored, you receive immediate payment from the factoring company instead of having to wait for business clients to pay. There are numerous ways that invoice factoring can contribute to better cash flow and business growth. Read more

How Invoice Factoring Works – In 6 Easy Steps


How Invoice Factoring Works | Riviera FinanaceInvoice factoring is a type of alternative financing that helps businesses improve their cash flow situation. It can be used in place of or sometimes in addition to other types of financing such as equipment financing, unsecured loans, and venture capital.

Let’s take a closer look at how invoice factoring works so you can decide if it’s worth considering for your own business to help with cash flow and more.

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Understanding UCC Filings as a Business Owner


Understanding UCC filings as a business ownerIf you are seeking funding for your small business, you should be familiar with UCC filings.  The UCC or Uniform Commercial Code is the law that governs commercial financial transactions in the United States. The purpose of the UCC is to create a consistent set of laws that apply throughout the nation.

What You Need to Know About UCC Filings as a Business Owner

What is a UCC Filing?

If you’re a new business owner or looking for financing, you need to know about the UCC and its filings- forms that are filed and recorded at the Secretary of State when a business obtains financing. UCC forms are not filed by businesses but by their creditors.  These filings are called ‘financing statements.’

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