Purchase Order Financing vs. Invoice Factoring


P.O. Financing vs Invoice FactoringMany question the difference between purchase order financing and invoice factoring.  Here we will explain the difference and when each form of financing is used.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is for importers, wholesalers, and distributors of goods who receive a purchase order (PO) from another business, and need financing to pay their supplier or manufacturer for the finished goods.  As an example, we’ll use a toy company that is selling to a big box retailer.  The toy company receives a PO from the big box retailer.  Read more

How Much Cash Should Your Small Business Keep in Savings?


How Much Cash Should Your Small Business Keep in Savings?If you have a small business you know how important it is to have sufficient cash flow. You need cash for everyday expenses such as payroll, rent, utilities and supplies. Some financial advisors recommend having up to six months in operating expenses to be safe. The exact amount you need, however, depends on the amount of cash that typically flows in and out of your business. Let’s look at some of the criteria you need to consider when calculating the amount of small business savings you need. Read more

Funds Available to Businesses Involved in Hurricane Florence Recovery & Clean-Up


Funds Available for Businesses Affected by Hurricane FlorenceHurricane Florence, which recently hit the East Coast, especially North and South Carolina, was one of the most powerful hurricanes in decades. For those in Hurricane Florence’s direct path, it will take many months to clean up and recover. If your business is involved in the disaster recovery efforts, Riviera’s invoice factoring can provide immediate cash flow to help cover increased expenses during this critical time. Read more