Riviera Finance Attends Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show


Oil Sands Conference and Trade ShowRiviera Finance exhibited at the Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show in Fort McMurray, Alberta in mid-September.  Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made the keynote speech and addressed his strategy to kick-start Alberta’s economy, including cutting corporate taxes, eliminating the carbon tax, and reducing limits on Alberta energy production.  Oil and gas related companies from across Western Canada attended.  Ryan Gabriel of Riviera Finance’s Calgary office, and Jason Smith from the Minneapolis office, enjoyed meeting with the local businesses.

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Guide to Cash Flow Analysis


Guide to Cash Flow AnalysisOne of the most important metrics to track in any business is cash flow. The amount of cash flowing into and out of your business plays a major role in your ability to function on a day-to-day basis. It also affects your growth potential. Lack of cash is a common cause of business failure. The best way to understand your business’s health in this regard is to perform a cash flow analysis. Read more