5 Tips to Prevent Cash Flow Problems in Your Small Business


How to Prevent Cash Flow Issues in Your Small BusinessMaintaining healthy cash flow is one of the most pressing challenges faced by small businesses. You need a consistent flow of cash to meet your payroll obligations, pay bills, invest in inventory and a host of other everyday expenses. Here are five tips to help you prevent cash flow problems and improve the overall health of your business.

5 Tips to Prevent Cash Flow Problems

1. Forecast Your Cash Flow

It is a good idea to create an estimate of cash coming in and cash going out on a monthly basis, and continue to keep it updated.  The cash flow forecast should help to identify periods of time when cash is low.  If you know ahead of time, you can prepare with appropriate financing or reduction of expenses.  You need to know that you will have enough cash to pay suppliers, employees and taxes on time.  The cash flow forecast will also help you to identify if there is an issue with accounts receivable (customer payments).

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Costs of Starting Your Own Trucking Business


Create a Trucking Business Plan

Start-Up Trucking BusinessSo, you’ve decided to start your own trucking business. You’re tired of “working for the man” and you want to be the master of your own destiny.  You have your own truck lined up, a few years of experience, a customer that wants you to haul for them and you have some money put away to help get you started.

You have done the research in the trucking industry; spent hours online and checked out dozens of websites including OOIDA, DAT, Tucker’s Report and more that explain authority, insurance (truck/health), profitability formulas, load boards, ELD services, compliance, taxes, etc. You’ve talked to some other drivers that either currently have their own business or used to. A family member has agreed to help you out by handling paperwork and assistance managing the load boards. You’re all set! Read more

Have Bad Credit? How to Still Get Funding for Your Small Business


Have Bad Credit? How to Still Get Funding for YouFunding For Small Businessesr Small Business

Your business credit score has a large impact on your ability to get funding for a small business. This is a major obstacle for anyone with bad credit. It’s also a problem if you don’t have much credit history at all. Banks are reluctant to take any risks when it comes to lending money to businesses without strong credit. Read more

Assistance for Black & Decker Freight Providers Amid IPS Worldwide Bankruptcy Filing


4 Leading Trucking Industry Trends to Watch For in 2019Riviera Finance, a nation-wide freight bill factoring company can help freight providers for Stanley Black & Decker affected by the IPS Worldwide bankruptcy to get paid on their current invoices.  Riviera will guarantee the credit of any invoices they purchase so the carrier can eliminate credit risk and will be paid within 24 hours of verified delivery.
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