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Anyone who provides business services to customers relies on those customers paying their invoices promptly. However, many business customers require extended payment terms such as 30-60 days from time of invoicing, and others are not always reliable about paying invoices on time. Business services factoring is a way to stabilize your cash flow and receive payments on a regular schedule, at time of invoicing.

What Is Business Services Factoring?

Business service factoring is a type of invoice factoring, a process that allows businesses to collect payment on invoices immediately. You simply submit unpaid invoices after completion of your professional service, to the factoring company, which pays you cash advances. Your customers then pay the factoring company when the invoice payment is due.

Benefits of Factoring Invoices For Professional Services

Invoice factoring for business services provides businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors with several benefits.

  • Boosts Cash Flow. Every business depends on consistent cash flow to meet payroll and other operating expenses. With invoice factoring, you can get your invoices paid in hours or days rather than weeks or months.
  • Provides Financing Without Taking On Debt. With invoice factoring, you aren’t taking on debt as you would have to do with bank loans. Nor do you have to give up equity in your business, as you would to an investor or business partner.
  • Easier to Qualify for Than Traditional Financing. As factoring companies are mainly concerned about your customers’ credit, it’s easier for businesses that are newer or don’t have perfect credit to qualify. Businesses who invoice customers for goods or services have the ability to qualify for invoice factoring. 

Many Uses For Factoring Cash Advances

You can use cash advances from invoice factoring in many ways. Here are a few common ways professional services businesses tend to use invoice factoring.

  • Meet payroll and other expenses more easily.
  • Improve your business by hiring more employees or investing in new equipment, technology, or marketing.
  • Accept more work. When you aren’t spread so thin, you can look for more opportunities to expand.

How Does Invoice Factoring For Business Services Work?

There are five simple steps to set up business services factoring. Read below to understand how factoring works.

  1. The factoring company sets up a credit limit for the customers whose invoices you want to factor.
  2. You provide your services to your customers as usual.
  3. You send your invoices to the factoring company.
  4. You receive a cash advance for invoices in as little as 24 hours. Riviera Finance pays up to 90% of the invoice face value for professional service providers.
  5. The factoring company collects payment from your customers, deducts their factoring fee, and returns the remainder to you.

What You Need to Apply for Factoring

Applying for invoice factoring is a fairly simple process. Here is a list of the specific documents you need to submit to apply for invoice factoring.

  • Personal identification
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Customer contracts
  • Articles of incorporation and other relevant corporate documents
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Industries that Riviera Finance Works With

We can work with any business that invoices its customers and waits for payment. We provide factoring services for a wide variety of businesses and industries, including the following.

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Janitorial Services
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • Technology/Communications Consulting Firms
  • Temporary Staffing Agencies
  • Auto/Truck Repair & Service 
  • Landscaping & Tree Service
  • Industrial Services
  • Advertising Agencies

Why Businesses Trust Riviera Finance

While there are many companies that provide factoring services, Riviera Finance has several distinguishing qualities that sets us apart from the others.

No Set-Up Fee

Simple agreement and no long-term contracts.


You are in control and choose which invoices to factor in. No monthly minimums.

Maximum Cash Advances

Riviera pays the highest cash advances in the industry.

Financial Stability

Riviera has been in business for more than 50 years and has a diversified source of capital.

Personalized Service

We provide flexible and personalized service to meet the needs of each client.


The Riviera team as well as our clients is diverse, covering multiple industries, locations, and types of customers.


We have 21 locations to serve customers either in person or on the phone. Our clients can also access their accounts 24/7 using ROAM, Riviera’s Online Account Management system.

To learn more about business services factoring and how it can help your business, contact Riviera Finance

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