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Riviera Finance ROAM

Access your accounts 24/7 with ROAM

With Riviera Online Account Management (ROAM), you have instant access online to the status and history of all your Riviera Finance transactions.

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Riviera Online Account Management

Features of ROAM

Account Summary

  • Summary aging of invoices outstanding
  • Total credit limit and credit available
  • Pending invoices submitted month-to-date
  • Reserve balance

Look-Up Features

  • Invoice lookup
  • Customer lookup
  • Factoring schedules lookup

Account Reports

  • Detailed aging info and balances – Ability to “drill down” per customer for invoice detail
  • Customer activity detail
  • Factoring schedules in summary and detail
  • Factored invoices in summary and detail
  • Full account activity – You specify date range and type of activity
  • Account ledger info – reports of your account by ledger category for up to 3 years

Invoice Manager

  • Set up your invoice template
  • Create new invoices
  • View/print existing invoices

Schedule Submission

  • This online tool gives you the ability to submit your schedules online


  • Riviera’s proprietary FastCredit enables you to search for the credit info of your potential customers, and to get instant credit approval for up to $5,000.

Invoice Uploader

  • Riviera’s Invoice Uploader on ROAM features a clean, easy-to-use interface to allow customers to upload their invoices and backups directly to Riviera.
  • This Uploader saves significant time and paperwork for our clients so their invoices get funded faster.
  • The program keeps track of the upload history for each batch/invoice. The uploaded documents are made available on our state-of-the-art cloud servers.
  • Watch a demo of the Invoice Uploader on ROAM

My Account Info

  • View your account name, account number, and username
  • Change your password and email address

Client Service Features

  • Feedback
  • E-mail
  • Riviera contact information
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