Bank Loans vs Invoice Factoring for Business Funding


bank loans vs invoice factoringWhen someone needs business financing, the first type of funding they usually consider is a bank loan. However, invoice factoring can be a good alternative with many advantages. Let’s look at some of the key differences between factoring and a bank loan.

Bank Loans: Why They Don’t Work For All Businesses

For most, a business loan offered by a bank is the most familiar type of financing. If you need business financing, it’s worth considering a bank loan. However, this type of loan comes with several potential drawbacks. Read more

10 Ways to Increase Profitability of Your Trucking Business


increase profitability of trucking businessRunning a profitable trucking business isn’t easy these days. There’s lots of competition, fuel prices are rising and customers can be inconsistent with their orders and payment schedules. Nevertheless, there are certain strategies that can help you boost your profits and grow your company. Here are 10 of the best ways to make your trucking company more profitable. Read more

What to Consider When Selecting an Invoice Factoring Company


invoice factoring companyIf you’re looking for non-traditional financing for your business, invoice factoring is one of the most effective solutions worth considering. Getting cash for your invoices immediately rather than having to wait for clients to pay boosts your cash flow, helping you meet expenses and invest in your business. You may be wondering what qualities to look for in an invoice factoring company. The following are some important points to consider. Read more

Why Would a Small Business Use Factoring Services?


RF_BlogImage_SmBusinessFinSmall businesses, more than ever, are facing cash flow challenges. To keep your business running efficiently, you need cash on hand for payroll, inventory and all your expenses. Invoice factoring can provide a solution, letting you have consistent cash flow independently of when your clients pay your invoices. Let’s look at what small business factoring is and how it can help you. Read more

Purchase Order Financing During COVID-19


Purchase order financing during covid-19COVID-19 has been stressful and challenging on many levels. In addition to health concerns, the economy has suffered greatly with many jobs lost and businesses shutting down or filing bankruptcy. With the slowdown in many industries and traditional lenders’ underwriting process becoming more stringent, many business owners have discovered the benefits of alternative financing such as invoice financing and purchase order financing.

Traditionally, importers and distributors of consumer goods & supplies selling to retailers were most often using purchase order financing to grow their businesses.  In the new landscape, many retailers are requiring longer payment terms which only increases the need for companies selling to them to obtain short-term funding such as purchase order financing and accounts receivable factoring.

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