ATBS Guest Post: Tax Moves for Truckers to Make Before Year End




Guest post contributed by ATBS, the largest tax and accounting firm for owner-operators.  ATBS was founded in 1998 and has helped over 150,000 truck drivers with their business and tax needs. Original article published Nov. 28, 2021 here.

Tax Moves for Truckers to Make Before Year End


2021 is almost over which means it’s time to make sure you have minimized your tax bill for the year. There are many things you can begin doing now to make filing your tax return as easy as possible and reduce the amount you owe. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important tax moves to make before 2021 comes to an end. Read more

Why Underground Utility & Cabling Companies Use Invoice Factoring


Underground Utilities and Cabling Companies- Blog ImageIf you work with commercial clients, utility companies and general contractors, you can count on getting steady work. The downside to these clients is that they often take a month or longer to pay their invoices. Waiting for payments can cause cash flow challenges. You need to pay your employees and keep up with other business expenses. One way for underground utility & cabling companies to remedy this situation is through invoice factoring. Read more

10 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Growth


Small Business Growth Are you trying to scale up your small business? There are many ways to accomplish this. However, if you want to build your business you need to focus on a strategy. 

Here are 10 effective ways to promote small business growth.

1. Invest in Growth

Don’t make the mistake of trying to hold onto every dollar in profit. In order to grow your business, you need to invest in things like employees, inventory, marketing, technology and other assets. Be discerning about spending your money, but don’t be afraid to invest in areas that are essential for growth. Read more