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Switching Factoring CompaniesA factoring company can allow your organization to fill the gaps between service and payment and ensure you have a reliable, steady stream of cash flow for your business. In some cases, though, you may need to make the switch from one factoring company to another. The most common reasons for making a switch include cost and overall quality; learning more about why you might want to make a change and the steps needed to switch from one factor to another can help you make the most of the process.

Why Switch Factoring Companies?

There are several reasons businesses make the decision to switch from one factoring company to another, including:


Rates and fees vary between factoring companies; in some cases, a company will make a switch based primarily on cost, particularly if all other features remain the same.


Client satisfaction can trigger a switch from one factor to another; if the client does not feel their needs are being addressed by the factoring company, they may seek a more responsive provider.

Risk Reduction

Some factoring companies operate only on full-recourse terms. A business which has suffered loss of income because their customer became insolvent and didn’t pay their invoice, may want to switch to a non-recourse factoring company that takes the credit risk on the end customers.

High Customer Concentration

Many factoring companies don’t like working with accounts that have high customer concentration. If this is the case, a business may look for a factor that is more accommodating.

Customer Credit Extensions

Factoring companies approve credit for their client’s customers; if the current factoring company can’t cover one or more of the client’s end customers, they may seek help elsewhere.

They Value Service Over Cost 

A client that wants more full-service support, with plenty of interaction and service may not be happy with a straightforward, no-frills provider. In some cases, the client will move on to a more service-oriented factor, even if the cost is higher.

Benefits of Choosing Riviera as Your Factoring Company

Speed of Delivery

Our process is built around immediate response to client needs, and the fastest cash turn around in the industry.

Dependable Service

We have 125 skilled employees at key locations across the U.S. approving credit, processing invoices, and wiring.

Maximum Cash Advances

We pay the highest cash advances in the industry and strive to fund our clients without holding reserves.


Riviera’s Online Account Management system, your accounts are available online 24/7.


Simple applications, no set-up fees, and no long-term contracts make getting started with Riviera easy.

Personal Service

Hearing what our clients need and consistently delivering it builds trust and a satisfied customer relationship.


To best serve our diverse client base, Riviera has dedicated support, in your time zone, that speak your language.

Financial Stability

You can feel secure knowing that funds are always available for your next funding.

Why Wait?

Start getting paid immediately

A Checklist to Switch Factoring Companies

If you are planning to make the switch from one factor to another, then the following checklist will help ensure you have everything covered and that the process goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. Review your existing contract: You have a contract with your current factor; this document will outline what your obligations are and any penalties that will apply if you cancel early. In some cases, it is worth waiting out a few months to avoid fees; in others, it is worth paying a termination fee to move on.
  2. Research and select a new factoring company: Determine what features are most important to you and what you’re missing in your current factoring company. Review your options and select a factoring company that better matches your needs. You should decide on your new factoring company before you terminate your existing one and be aware of costs, service fees, turnaround times and more.
  3. Notify your existing factoring company of the pending change: You need to let your old factoring company know that you are moving on. This will allow them to begin preparing your account for the switch and allow them to start calculating any buyout costs or fees that will be needed.
  4. Sign with your new factoring company: Once you have chosen a new factoring company you’ll need to apply and qualify with them; while you will sign a new contract during this time, it will not actually be effective until your old contract is completely satisfied and all requirements are met.
  5. Grant permission to share details: Your new factoring company needs permission to view your existing accounts that are with the original factor. You’ll need to write a letter of permission allowing your original factor to share these confidential details with your new factor.
  6. Let your customers know a change is coming: You’ll need to provide your customers with the start date and any new payment details they will need.
  7. Allow time for the two factoring companies to work together and create a buyout agreement: This figure represents the amount needed to fully close out your account and transfer it. Review the buyout details when they are available.
  8. Wait for the switch to occur: Your original factor will stop accepting and processing invoices and the new one will begin. Your old factor will redirect any payments received after this date to your new factor for processing.

The process to switch from one factoring company to another can be somewhat time-consuming, because of the details and steps involved. Making sure you choose the right factoring company in the first place or thoroughly researching the factoring company you are thinking of switching to can cut down on the number of times you’ll need to go through this process. It will also ensure you get the best possible service and remain happy with the provider you have chosen.

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Companies across the United States and Canada depend on Riviera Finance to deliver reliable local service to support their daily cash flow needs. Wherever you are, we have an invoice factoring company office with experienced professionals to serve you.

Let Us Help You

Typically, factor hopping or continually switching from factor to factor before your contract has expired is not encouraged so we recommend you take the time to contemplate the reasons why you are unhappy with your current factoring company. While some reasons for breaking a contract and switching are valid, others could be worked out until your contract is up and you can freely switch companies.

However, if you are truly not happy with your current factor and need to make a switch – or need to work with a factor for the first time, we can help. Our conscientious, service-driven team knows how important your factoring company is to your success and works hard to ensure you have everything you need for your business to thrive.

Contact us today to see what our team of experts can do for you.

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