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Does Riviera Finance offer non-recourse financing services?

Invoice Factoring FAQs

Since 1969, Riviera Finance has offered non-recourse factoring services. Non-recourse financing and factoring is the outright purchase of accounts receivable (invoices) for cash. This method of business financing provides a company with cash flow, protection from bad debt, and accounts receivable management services when they need it most.

Riviera Finance pioneered the use of non-recourse financing for small, growing companies. Without the cash flow to afford an accounts receivable staff, or the financial history to qualify for a business loan, many growing companies find value in the non-recourse factoring services provided by Riviera Finance.

One main feature of non-recourse financing is that Riviera Finance will guarantee payment of the factored invoice, even if your customer goes bankrupt. This guarantee is a powerful tool that can eliminate bad debt. Under recourse factoring, the borrower must have the ability to “buy back” the invoice if the customer is unable to pay.

To deliver our non-recourse financing services, Riviera Finance employs a team of accounts receivable management professionals in local offices across the United States and Canada. Riviera Finance non-recourse factoring clients depend on us every day to provide full credit, invoice processing, posting and collection services.

Riviera Finance has met the working capital needs of more than 10,000 companies.

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Advantages of Non-Recourse Financing

Riviera Finance is one of the most flexible, experienced and trustworthy companies in the United States that provides business factoring services. Riviera has more than 25 locations and serves thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. Let’s look at some of the benefits of obtaining invoice factoring services from Riviera Finance.

  • Improve Business Finances. With invoice factoring, you can more easily make payments and meet obligations such as payroll. You can use cash to pay off debts and strengthen your credit with confidence, knows it is non-recourse.
  • Fund Business Growth. When your cash flow situation improves, you’re in a position to grow by purchasing inventory, hiring additional employees and investing in marketing.
  • Save Money on Supplier Discounts. With more cash at your disposal, you become eligible for supplier discounts. You also save money and time by not having to deal with collections. Resources can be redirected in more productive directions.
  • Positive Company Reputation and Resources. Riviera Finance has been in business for more than 50 years and has more than 25 locations around the U.S. and Canada. Riviera has helped more 10,000 companies with working capital.

Invoice factoring provides a wide range of benefits. Depending on the type of business you have and your own situation, you can take advantage of improved cash flow however it suits you. Many businesses find invoice factoring to be a more convenient and user-friendly alternative to traditional working capital loans for small business.

Benefits of Choosing Riviera as Your Factoring Company

Speed of Delivery

Our process is built around immediate response to client needs, and the fastest cash turn around in the industry.

Dependable Service

We have 125 skilled employees at key locations across the U.S. approving credit, processing invoices, and wiring.

Maximum Cash Advances

We pay the highest cash advances in the industry and strive to fund our clients without holding reserves.


Riviera’s Online Account Management system, your accounts are available online 24/7.


Simple applications, no set-up fees, and no long-term contracts make getting started with Riviera easy.

Personal Service

Hearing what our clients need and consistently delivering it builds trust and a satisfied customer relationship.


To best serve our diverse client base, Riviera has dedicated support, in your time zone, that speak your language.

Financial Stability

You can feel secure knowing that funds are always available for your next funding.

Recent Fundings



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This healthcare staffing business had been operating for a year and was looking to increase working capital to support rapid growth. Initially, they got an MCA loan. The decision caused a reduction in working capital because of high monthly payments and hindered their growth.

Their accountant suggested Riviera to support their working capital needs and future growth with Accounts Receivable Factoring. Riviera Finance was able to payoff the existing loan and provide needed working capital to meet their growing payroll.


Transportation Broker

Factoring Line


Established in 2005, this company needed to maximize cash flow to handle seasonal increases in load volume and a surge in new contracts. Riviera Finance quickly established a full-service factoring line which provides free credit checks and converts invoices to cash within 24 hours. The client is funded twice a week on a non-recourse basis. As a value-add, Riviera Finance prepares and mails checks to the client’s carriers. Between April and June, this client doubled its factored volume and continues to experience healthy growth.


Specialty Wholesaler

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A specialty wholesaler that distributes exclusively to assisted living facilities and the health club industry was looking for a way to grow their business without creating debt. They also needed to find a way to extend large credit lines to customers without risking personal assets. Riviera offered them a way to accomplish both of these objectives. Now after factoring for over a year with Riviera, this company relocated to a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. They are on target to do $5MM in sales, easily meeting payroll and forming a wholesale subsidiary to increase business and profit margins further.

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