Riviera Gives Thanks for 50 Years of Business


Riviera Gives Thanks for 50 Years of BusinessAs another Thanksgiving approaches, this is the time of year to consider all of the reasons we have to be grateful, such as our families, homes, communities and businesses. Each company is unique and we enjoy being an integral part of so many different types of businesses.  At Riviera Finance, we realize that being a financial service provider, we play an especially crucial role in the financial health of our clients which are mainly small businesses.  We do not take lightly, the level of trust our clients continually place in us.  We take pride in helping businesses grow and reach their full potential. Read more

How Much Does Factoring Cost?


How Much Does Factoring Cost?One of the most frequently asked questions about factoring is one of cost.  While pricing can be simple and straightforward when an all-inclusive model is used, there are variations in factoring services to consider because not all factoring programs are created equal.  Here we will discuss the main program differences that affect a factoring fee, also known as the “discount rate”. Read more

Riviera Finance Attends Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show


Oil Sands Conference and Trade ShowRiviera Finance exhibited at the Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show in Fort McMurray, Alberta in mid-September.  Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made the keynote speech and addressed his strategy to kick-start Alberta’s economy, including cutting corporate taxes, eliminating the carbon tax, and reducing limits on Alberta energy production.  Oil and gas related companies from across Western Canada attended.  Ryan Gabriel of Riviera Finance’s Calgary office, and Jason Smith from the Minneapolis office, enjoyed meeting with the local businesses.

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