Protect Your Small Business Against Coronavirus


Corona Virus BlogThe coronavirus (COVID-19) has quickly become a major concern for people all over the world. While people are understandably concerned about their health, the virus is also having a serious impact on the economy. The stock market has recently taken quite a hit. Both large and small business owners should be prepared for the effects it can have on their business and industry.  

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Tired of Late Payments? 4 Tips to Get Paid on Time


Tired of Late Payments? 4 Tips to Get Paid on TimeFor a business that depends on invoice payments rather than cash purchases, late customer payment can be anything from an annoyance to a disaster. According to some estimates, as many as 60 percent of invoice payments are late. When you have regular expenses such as payroll to meet, this can cause serious problems for your cash flow situation. The following are some tips to protect yourself from late invoice payments and enjoy better cash flow.
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