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Cash flow keeps businesses going. When cash flow slows down, it hinders your ability to run your company, especially when you have opportunities to grow. How many times have you put aside bills, lost sleep over payroll, or couldn’t pay suppliers on time? Most growing businesses experience a period of time when outstanding receivables are holding them back.

If only you could get paid today on work you completed, your business would soar. Here’s where Riviera Finance comes into play.

Riviera Finance serves as your cash flow partner. Our process is called “factoring,” and in the simplest terms it means Riviera purchases your selected invoices for immediate cash.  Your customer then pays Riviera using your normal payment terms.  You get paid immediately while still extending credit to your customers.

Many Riviera Finance clients use factoring as an alternative or supplement to other conventional financing strategies.  For more information about alternatives, specialties, or situations, see below:

Learn more about invoice factoring services.

how invoice factoring works

If you need cash now, see how you can get started with Riviera Finance.

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Most businesses at one time or another need financial assistance in order to grow. Riviera Finance has been helping companies achieve their financial goals for nearly 50 years. Find out how we can help you reach your goals, too.

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