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Providing cash flow solutions, invoice factoring, and payroll funding to small and medium-sized businesses in Albuquerque, Hobbs, Carlsbad, and cities throughout New Mexico.

Riviera Finance provides cash flow solutions, invoice factoring and payroll funding to small and medium-sized businesses in Albuquerque, Hobbs, Carlsbad and throughout New Mexico.

Riviera Finance is a factoring company that provides invoice factoring services for companies nationwide and in Canada.

If you are located in Albuquerque, Hobbs, Carlsbad, and all cities throughout New Mexico our El Paso invoice factoring office is able to service all your invoice factoring needs.

Why Riviera Finance?

Riviera Finance has over five decades of experience factoring invoices in New Mexico, for businesses servicing the oil & gas industry, as well as other industries.  No matter your industry, Riviera Finance can help you fulfill your goals as your cash flow partner.

Since 1969, Riviera Finance has provided full-service non-recourse invoice factoring to over 35,000 growing companies. We believe in being in the same time zone as our clients and having a dedicated local team who understands your business and its specific needs. Our local office, backed by our national support makes for the best service and fastest turnaround in the industry.

When your New Mexico business needs cash flow, invoice factoring with Riviera is the solution. But cash flow isn’t the only benefit. On top of the working capital for your business, Riviera’s factoring services provide credit guarantees on your customers’ payments, billing and accounts receivable management with collections.

If you are a business in New Mexico looking for a factoring company, our El Paso team is able to provide you with the personal service you deserve.


Ready to Improve Your Cash Flow?


Alyssa BuckBusiness Development Manager

Jennifer Garcia, Business Development Representative

The Riviera Process

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Recent Invoice Factoring Fundings

Facilitating Rapid Growth through Working Capital

Type Of Business: Trucking (Water Hauling for the Oil & Gas Industry)
Factoring Line: $250,000
Location: New Mexico
This business owner had previously been a driver for another water hauling company.  He decided to branch out and begin his own company, starting with one truck, and now owns four.  He was referred to Riviera because of his need for improved cash flow in order to cover business expenses.  The bilingual staff at Riviera’s El Paso office was able to provide this Spanish-speaking business owner with our usual excellent customer service in Spanish.


Type Of Business: Manufacturing/Welding
Factoring Line: $250,000
Location: Hobbs, New Mexico
This husband and wife started their own welding company a year ago, initially working as subcontractors, but realized they could be more profitable and improve their cash flow by securing their own contracts. They sought options and were directed to Riviera Finance. After their local Riviera Business Development Manager met with them and they learned how Riviera could pay them immediately for their invoices upon completion of their work, they felt confident to try to obtain their own MSA with a large drilling company in the Hobbs and Carlsbad area. They were successful and now plan to increase revenue to $150,000 per month and continue taking on more business from there.