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Providing cash flow solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego, Torrance, Fresno and cities throughout Southern California.

Riviera Finance is an invoice factoring company providing the following services for companies in Los Angeles, San Diego, Torrance, Fresno and all other cities throughout Southern California.

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Recent Invoice Factoring Fundings in Los Angeles, California

Working With A Broker/No Long Term Contracts

Type Of Business: Temporary Staffing Company
Factoring Line: $125,000
Location: Los Angeles, CA
A long time business associate of Riviera had a client who did not qualify for funding by his company. However, he wanted to retain the relationship with this client as he felt they had potential to grow into the profile he required. The company was able to retain the relationship with their client by referring them to Riviera since there are no obligatory long term commitments. Riviera was able to provide the client with the working capital and collections services needed for them to continue their business plan.


Type Of Business: Transportation
Factoring Line: $200,000
Location: Los Angeles, CA
This transportation company had been moving a lot of loads for a single shipper.  They were supposed to get paid in 21 days from delivery but they had unpaid invoices going back two months which had really tied up their cash flow.  They came to Riviera to not only get paid sooner, but also to have us manage their accounts receivable since they didn’t have the manpower to follow-up on outstanding invoices.  Being that the owners all spoke Spanish, they were happy to have Riviera’s local Spanish speaking staff there to work with them.  With Riviera acting as their back office and managing their accounts receivable, they are getting paid immediately upon delivery and the shipper is paying according to the terms.


Type Of Business: Wholesale Seafood
Factoring Line: $400,000
Location: California
This company was in their second year of business and knew from the previous year that summer and fall were their busiest seasons.  They knew they needed better cash flow to keep up with the increased orders during these seasons but didn’t want to get locked into a high monthly factoring commitment that they couldn’t meet in the slower seasons.  They chose to factor their invoices with Riviera Finance because of our no monthly minimums and we are happy they did!