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Truck Drivers Guide to Online Load BoardsIf you own a trucking company or are a truck driver who operates as an independent owner-operator, your livelihood depends on finding loads to haul. There are several ways to go about this, such as personal referrals. Today, however, the fastest and most reliable method is by using online load boards. Let’s explore what load boards are and why they are so valuable to truck drivers.

What is an Online Load Board?

Online load boards, also known as freight boards, are services and websites on which truck drivers can connect with people and businesses that need loads hauled. They can be considered social media sites for truckers. On a load board, you can do a number of things.

  • Browse available truckloads. On many sites, you can quickly connect with the broker, ask questions and negotiate.
  • Reviews. Both truck drivers and shippers are reviewed on load boards.
  • Alerts. You can arrange to receive alerts when shippers are interested in working with you.
  • Compare rates. You can see what other truckers are making for loads.

Online load boards serve a valuable function for truckers as well as shippers. They are a meeting place where you can find loads, check out the credentials of shippers, and build your reputation.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Load Boards

If you want to get the best possible results from load boards, keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Sign up for Several Load Boards. You’ll find more loads if you use multiple load boards.  There are numerous to choose from, and you’ll want to compare their features.  Direct Freight is a load board with over 300,000 loads posted a day in the U.S. Riviera Finance has partnered with Direct Freight to deliver you seamless factoring approval when booking loads. The Riviera/Direct Freight “Greenlight” program facilitates instant credit approval on any load displaying the “Greenlight” icon within the Direct Freight load board. You must be an active Riviera Client and signed up with Direct Freight. If looking for loads in Canada, Loadlink Technologies, formerly Transcore, has been freight matching for 30 years.  Riviera has a longstanding relationship with Loadlink Technologies and you will find loads marked as pre-approved for factoring with Riviera through the Loadlink QuickPay program as well..
  • Optimize Your Profile. As with any business or job-finding site, you’ll have better results if you provide complete and accurate information about yourself and the services you offer. For example, fill in your fleet size, the distance you’re able to cover and the kind of freight you haul. At the same time, remember these are public boards. Be cautious about sharing personal information.
  • Use the Services Strategically. Don’t be so anxious to find loads that you overbook. Make sure you only commit to loads that you can comfortably haul.
  • Take Your Time Learning to Use the Sites. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of load boards. Each one is a little different. You’ll eventually learn which boards work best for you and how to locate the most profitable loads.

Improve Your Cash Flow with Transportation Factoring

Online load boards are a powerful tool to help you grow your business. Another tool that helps you boost your cash flow is transportation factoring. Whether you use freight boards or find loads in another way, you may experience cash flow difficulties while waiting for your customers to pay invoices. Here are some of the benefits of factoring your invoices.

  • Sell your invoices directly to the factoring company and get immediate cash for your freight bills. This frees you from having to wait for the shipper or carrier to pay the invoice.
  • Enhance your cash flow without taking on any new debt.
  • Customers pay the factoring company directly, saving you from having to worry about collections.
  • Unlike traditional financing such as bank loans, credit checks are performed on your customers rather than on you. This makes factoring a good choice for smaller and newer trucking companies.

Let Us Fuel Your Business Growth

If you are a truck driver or owner of a trucking company who is looking for reliable transportation factoring, Riviera Finance has been helping businesses with financing for 50 years. When you sign up with Riviera, you can get up to 95% cash for freight bills immediately.

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