Riviera Finance November 21, 2019 No Comments

Riviera Gives Thanks for 50 Years of BusinessAs another Thanksgiving approaches, this is the time of year to consider all of the reasons we have to be grateful, such as our families, homes, communities and businesses. Each company is unique and we enjoy being an integral part of so many different types of businesses.  At Riviera Finance, we realize that being a financial service provider, we play an especially crucial role in the financial health of our clients which are mainly small businesses.  We do not take lightly, the level of trust our clients continually place in us.  We take pride in helping businesses grow and reach their full potential.

In our 50 years, Riviera Finance has focused on a commitment to provide the very best services.  Much has changed in the last half-century. We’ve seen new technologies as well as changes in the many industries we serve. All through this time, Riviera has been adaptable and maintained a consistent set of values as we’ve evolved to keep up with our clients’ varying needs.

We have been fortunate to work with businesses in industries across the board including transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing, wholesale, staffing, and a multitude of other business services. We have come such a long way from our first location in the Hollywood Riviera, located in Redondo Beach, California to now having 25 invoice factoring office locations across the U.S. and Canada.

This Thanksgiving holiday season, we could not let it pass by without expressing our sincere gratitude to our clients and employees for helping us reach 50 years of business.  Mike Bartels, Vice President of Riviera Finance says “Reflecting on my 32-year journey at Riviera Finance, I am thankful during this time of the year for such a long career with the company, my colleagues, and most of all the clients that have made it possible. It is these relationships, many of them lasting decades with both colleagues and clients that define Riviera’s success for over 50 years. Riviera Finance wishes all of you and your families a safe and thankful Thanksgiving.”


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