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Riviera Finance at the Bakken Oil & Gas ShowRiviera Finance was an exhibitor at the Bakken Oil & Products & Services Show on October 3-4.  The event was attended by companies in all sectors of the oil industry.  Riviera is a regular attendee due to our experience providing working capital to businesses in the oil & gas industry for almost 50 years.  We enjoyed visiting with many of our clients in the Bakken region and learning about the new technologies in the industry.  We left with a have a high level of respect for the companies and individuals working in the Bakken territory.

Product and service providers in the oil & gas industry often run into cash flow problems when they have to wait 30-60 days for payment.  In the meantime, they have expenses to cover such as payroll, taxes, materials & equipment, repairs & maintenance, and other operating costs.  Invoice factoring provides immediate working capital.

How Invoice Factoring Works for Companies in the Oil & Gas Business

The company delivers their product or service, then sends the invoice to the factoring company.  The factoring company advances a percentage of the invoice immediately.  Then forwards the invoice to the client’s customer and waits 30-60 days for payment, keeping a small fee for service.

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