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Why Choose Non-Recourse Invoice FactoringIn part one, we explained why non-recourse invoice factoring can be a powerful tool for your business.  In this article, we discuss how a non-recourse factoring program can make your customers happy!

A good non-recourse program delivers three services:  cash flow, credit services and accounts receivable management.  All three provide direct benefit not just to you, but to your customers.

Cash Flow Services

Cash Flow:  Invoice factoring clients receive up to 95% on factored receivables within 24 hours.

Ability to fill larger orders without delays:  Your customers will have more confidence in your ability to fill high-volume requests, translating in trade discounts and better product planning.

Better product quality:  Better cash flow always translates into better product quality.  Your customers will consistently rank you at the top of their vendor list.

Less urgency for payment:  By having reliable cash flow, you’ll eliminate frantic calls to your customers for payment.  Customers will begin answering the phones again!

Less overall stress in customer relations:  Improved cash flow means reduced stress overall.  This means less screaming and more smiling.

Better customer service:  By investing cash flow in customer support, you’ll deliver top quality service.  This translates to more orders and more referrals.

Credit Services

Credit Services:  Your non-recourse factoring company analyzes, manages, and guarantees credit on client customers.

Enhanced credit rating:  Your customer’s good credit standing with the invoice factoring company will improved their published credit and reputation in the industry.

Better credit terms:  By receiving competitive terms and higher credit limits, your customers will improve their own cash flow and bottom line.

Less hassle:  You won’t be tying up your customer’s time with requests for bank, trade references, requests for financial statements, etc.

Account Receivable Management Services

Accounts Receivable Management:  A full-service invoice factoring company will be your receivables back-office.

Efficient and organized:  You and your customer will waste less time on errors and mixups, and have more time to do business together.

Professional staff:  Your customers’ accounts payable manager will appreciate working with a professional staff representing your company.

Consider the benefits of non-recourse factoring – a win-win for you and your customers.  Contact Riviera Finance to get a quote today.

Next up – Part Three:  How to Make Your Suppliers Happy with Non-Recourse Factoring.