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Get Paid Faster with Invoice Factoring | Riviera FinanceMany businesses struggle with cash flow problems, often due to unpaid invoices. One solution to this is the practice of invoice factoring, where you sell your accounts receivable to another company in exchange for upfront cash. This practice is not new, but not everyone is familiar with it.

Additionally, there are often obstacles and complications that discourage businesses from taking advantage of factoring. With Riviera Finance, however, getting immediate cash for your invoices is simple and practical.

How Invoice Factoring Works

Once you sign up as a Riviera Finance client, factoring your receivables for immediate cash is simple. Here are the steps:

How to Factor Your Invoices

  • You submit a list of customers for invoice factoring, giving us the business name, address and the amount you need.
  • We immediately set a credit limit for these customers.
  • In most cases, you’ll be able to get instant online credit with FastCredit.
  • You deliver the products or services your customers ordered as you normally would. Instead of sending invoices to your customer, send them directly to Riviera, along with proof of delivery.
  • After we verify delivery of goods or performance of service, you get your cash. Funds are wired into your bank account within 24 hours, with our service fee deducted.
  • We forward invoices to your customers for payment.

It’s easy to see how factoring your invoices with Riviera Finance is a convenient way to get paid faster for your invoices. However, there are some important benefits to the health of your business that may not be obvious.

  • Freedom from the time and hassle of collecting payments.
  • More cash to grow your business, whether by increasing production, acquiring essential equipment, upgrading technology or doing more marketing.
  • Improved supplier credit. In some cases, suppliers may even give you cash discounts.
  • Ability to work with more high-quality customers who request credit terms.
  • Reduced expenses by leveraging your advantageous cash position.

Factoring your invoices is a simple yet powerful way to improve the financial health of your business. It gives you additional time and cash to run your business more efficiently, serve your customers and accelerate growth. Riviera Finance is a service that gives you peace of mind and lets you focus your energy in more productive ways.

Is Riviera Finance Right For Your Business?

Every business has unique needs and you should always carefully look at your situation and decide whether factoring your invoices is right for you. There are, as we’ve seen, some definite advantages to this approach. Although many businesses are just starting to discover the possibility of factoring their invoices, Riviera Finance has been providing financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses since 1969. With more than 1,200 clients and offices throughout North America, we have the experience and expertise to guide you to a more secure financial position for your business.

Consult with us today and find out what invoice factoring can do for you.

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