Invoice Factoring and Financing Options for Security Guard Companies

A,Security,Guard,In,Uniform,Patrolling,A,Residential,AreaDoes your security guard business need money for payroll?

Companies in the security guard business are essentially providing staffing services.  Your main operating cost is payroll.  However, when you need to make weekly or bi-weekly payroll but you can only bill your customer once a month and they have 30 days to pay, you have a cash flow problem.

Invoice factoring for security guard companies can solve your cash flow problems and allow you to grow and expand your business.  Invoice factoring turns your receivables into working capital.

Benefits of Factoring for Security Guard Companies:

Maximum Cash Flow – Up to 93% of the billed amount immediately

Total Flexibility – Funding on demand, when you need it

Financial Freedom – No Debt is Created

Bad Debt Protection – Credit Guarantees on the Invoices We Factor

Why Security Guard Companies Work with Riviera Finance

Riviera Finance has been providing invoice factoring services to security guard companies since 1969.  We know your business and want to be your cash flow partner.  We currently have more than 25 locations across the U.S. and Canada to better serve our clients locally.  We have the fastest response time in the industry and top-rated customer service.

Ready to Improve Your Cash Flow?

Client Success Story

Recent Funding

Type of Business: Security Guard Service
Factoring Line: $200,000
Location: Miami, FL

This growing security business received a large contract to provide security for a construction site.  They had several security guards on payroll and had to wait 30 days for their customer, a large utility construction company, to pay.  Fortunately, this business owner found Riviera Finance and was able to get payment on his outstanding accounts receivable to cover his payroll.  He chose Riviera because of our local office, positive reviews and local, Spanish speaking staff.

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