Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring Services for Nearly 50 Years

4Riviera Finance provides three components of service under the umbrella of full-service invoice factoring: Finance, Credit Services and Receivables Management.

Finance Options

Riviera turns your business invoices into liquid cash with non-recourse factoring.

Once you’re set up as a client, Riviera pays you cash for your Net 30 Invoices within 24 hours. We pay within 24 hours after verification that product has been received and accepted by your customer. Depending on your industry and situation, Riviera will transfer up to 95% of your invoice face value. Fees are calculated as a percent of invoice, at a pre-determined rate. See What is Factoring for the step-by-step process.

Credit Services

Riviera guarantees the credit on your factored invoices.

No need for a credit department – we’ll become your credit manager and assume the credit risk! Consider these features:

  • Riviera’s FastCredit gives instant online credit approvals on many businesses at no extra cost
  • The largest in-house and external credit databases in the business put you in control of credit decisions
  • If we factor an invoice and the customer can’t pay, we absorb the loss

Benefits of Non-Recourse Factoring

Maximum Cash Flow – Up to 95% of billed amount within 24 hours

Total Flexibility – Funding on demand when you need it, short-term programs available and grows as your company grows

Financial Freedom – No debt is created

Bad Debt Protection – Credit guarantees on the invoices we factor

Receivables Management

Riviera manages the accounts receivable process on all your factored accounts.

The time you’ll save with Riviera Finance as your receivables back-office will let you focus on what’s important — putting your creative energy into making your company grow and prosper. As your full-service factor, we handle all of the following tasks:

  • Maintaining an efficient remittance process with your customers
  • Automated invoice uploading
  • Invoice mailing and processing
  • Processing and posting of invoice payments
  • Status checking on outstanding invoices
  • Real-time alerts of disputes, returns and payment issues
  • Complete collection services customized for you
  • Detailed, customized management reports
  • Instant access to all your account information, 24/7, through ROAM, Riviera’s Online Account Management system

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