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Riviera Finance Invoice Factoring Process

Riviera Finance is an invoice factoring company providing the following services for companies in Charlotte, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Columbia, Norfolk and all other cities throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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New Business:

Barry Spencer, Business Development Manager

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Recent Fundings

Perseverance Pays Off

Type Of Business: Underground Cabling
Factoring Line: $100,000
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
A Charlotte Underground cabling company was referred to Riviera Finance. After more than a year of hesitation, they decided to proceed, starting with a $100,000 factoring line of credit. Riviera evaluated the situation and found six active UCC filings which needed subordinations or payoffs. Riviera was able to work with their creditors to be able to finance their accounts receivable. This company no longer has to worry about meeting payroll and covering expenses. Riviera doubled the line to $200,000 to continue to support their growth.

No Challenge Too Big for Riviera

Type Of Business: Credit Agency
Factoring Line: $200,000
Location: South Carolina
A small SC company that ran personal credit and background reports for large multi-national companies was referred to Riviera. This company had been using easy to acquire short term loans to finance its operations. These costly loans were being used more and more frequently. Riviera was able to provide a more structured arrangement with a $200,000 factoring line of credit.  This provided consistent cash flow for future operations, as well as enabling the client to pay off a State tax lien and the costly short term daily pay loans which were killing his cash flow.

Creative Funding

Type Of Business: Transportation
Factoring Line: $200,000
Location: Charlotte, NC
A Charlotte dump trucking company was referred to Riviera Finance. The company had fallen behind on its truck payments. Riviera was able to factor their invoices and catch up the truck payments from the first funding with a small $100,000 factoring line of credit. Riviera now has a healthy and satisfied new client with a happy and current truck lender. Riviera recently doubled this client’s line to $200,000 due to increased business.