QuickPay - How It Works

Cash For The Road, Now!

When you factor loads with Riviera, you get a credit guarantee on the loads you factor, you get up to 95% in cash for your freight bills, and you get a complete invoice management system. You concentrate on running your business – not worrying about cash flow, bad debt, and collections.

How It Works:

  1. Identify and Guarantee the Load
    Check our credit list for the Transcore/Link Logistics broker or shipper you want to haul for. If they’re on the list, it means they’re approved for factoring.
    You can call to check on credit approval for all others currently not pre-approved. Contact your Riviera representative (e-mail or phone) with the details of the transaction for approval.
  2. Haul the Load and Prepare Your Usual Paperwork
  3. Send Us the Paperwork
    Send us your freight bills and signed bills of lading with a request to factor.
    We verify the paperwork and send to the customers to pay to us directly.
  4. Receive Cash from Riviera
    We wire you 95% of the freight bills, typically within 24 hours.
    Your fee for service is 5% or LESS of the freight bill.
    You monitor the detailed status of your account online 24/7, or call your representative with any questions.