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3 Trucking Industry Trends in 2020fuel card is a useful resource to help you save money when buying fuel. There are some key advantages for truck drivers and owners of trucking companies to obtaining a fuel card. You’ll gain even more benefits if you also use transportation factoring.

What is a Fuel Card?

The simplest way to think of a fuel card is that it’s like a prepaid “club” credit card that affords you significant discounts on fuel, tires, roadside service and repair services. Riviera Finance has partnered with TransConnect Services (TCS) to afford their clients some of the best discounts in the business.

  • Save Money on Fuel. When you use a fuel card, you’ll enjoy savings that aren’t available any other way. Each fuel card has a network of partners with whom discounts are arranged.
  • Security. Only authorized people can use your fuel card. This helps your business stay secure and cuts down on potential fraud.
  • Efficient Documentation. It’s important to calculate fuel costs. Aside from your own records, a fuel card helps you file accurate IFTA reports.

It’s simple for truck drivers and owner-operators to use fuel cards. At the pump, a fuel card works the same as a credit or debit card. You simply swipe it to make the purchase. The only difference is that you may need to enter more detailed information such as a driver or trip number. There are a variety of ways to fund your fuel card. Depending on the card you use, you can fund it via bank wire, third-party checks, Western Union, ACH credit, or through a factoring company.

The Best Fuel Card for Truck Drivers

Riviera Fuel Card Business InfographicThere are many fuel cards available to truckers. If you’re looking for one that offers the most convenience and savings, it’s worth looking closely at the TCS Fuel Card, designed especially for small trucking companies. Here are some perks of the TCS Fuel Card.

  • Save at Many Locations. You can save on fuel at more than 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada. There are no transaction fees when buying fuel at any in-network location. 
  • Mobile Access. The TCS website and mobile app let you easily manage your account from your office or on the road.
  • Discounts. Strong discounts on fuel, tires, roadside services, maintenance and repairs.
  • Roadside Rescue. Enjoy the peace of the TCS Roadside Rescue program, which provides service 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Customizations. You can tailor the TCS Fuel Card to your own needs. Set up your own security controls and payment options.

Riviera Finance Factoring and Fuel Card

You can obtain a TCS Fuel Card through Riviera Finance, a recognized leader in transportation factoring. In addition to the convenience of a fuel card, you gain a number of important advantages by factoring.

  • Boost your cash flow. Receive immediate cash for invoices. With Riviera, you can receive up to 95% of your freight bills in cash within 24 hours.
  • Scale your business. With factoring, you can haul more loads, meet payroll and other business expenses and invest in your business.
  • An alternative to traditional financing. Smaller companies may have trouble securing loans. Additionally, loans may have high fees. Factoring is an alternative that’s especially attractive to smaller trucking companies.
  • Low factoring fees. The TCS Fuel Card provides an average savings of 52 cents per gallon. This alone will offset any factoring fees.
  • Simple to apply. Fill out a quick online application to get started.

Find Factoring Location Near You

Riviera Finance has been offering factoring services to businesses for more than 50 years.

To learn more about transportation factoring and the TCS Fuel Card, contact Riviera Finance.


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