Lending and Finance Options for Temporary Staffing Companies

Factoring for Staffing Companies | Payroll Funding for Temporary StaffingIs Your Staffing Company Running Out of Money for Payroll?

To build a successful staffing company, you need ample and reliable cash flow. Your funding source will need to meet all your financial needs on demand, including:

  • Weekly Payroll
  • Marketing, Advertising and Sales Expense
  • Administration and Overhead
  • Executive Compensation

Meeting weekly payroll can be a serious challenge when customers are taking up to 60 days to pay. Adding new employees to support your company’s growth may quickly deplete your cash flow as your receivables grow. A factoring line with Riviera Finance can give you the backup capital you need to turn receivables into reliable cash flow.

Fund Your Payroll and Grow Your Business with Riviera Finance

Benefits of Factoring for Staffing Companies – Designed for Your Control and Growth:

Riviera Finance works with a variety of staffing companies in the US and Canada to help them maintain cash flow and meet weekly payroll demands.

Maximum Cash Flow – Up to 95% of billed amount within 24 hours

Total Flexibility – Funding on demand when you need it, short-term programs available and grows as your company grows

Financial Freedom – No debt is created

Bad Debt Protection – Credit guarantees on the invoices we factor

Why Staffing Companies Work with Riviera Finance

Riviera Finance has funds available from $10,000 to $2 Million per month to cover your company’s financial needs, whatever they may be. With local invoice factoring offices in more than 30 cities, we will serve you with personal attention to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Contact a local business manager today. We look forward to working with you.


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