Riviera Finance Corporate Development

corp devRiviera Finance Corporate Development offers a wide range of solutions to provide working capital, back-office services, co-marketing, and strategic partnering to other factoring companies

PARTICIPATIONS:   By participating with Riviera Finance, factoring companies can effectively navigate and manage risk while developing their factoring portfolios. Participations allow firms to handle high-maintenance and larger transactions by utilizing Riviera’s back-office experience and extensive resources. Newer companies will lower their ramp-up time and improve survivability. Riviera Finance provides full-service factoring administration. Participations are structured on a deal-by-deal basis, and offer significant return on investment.

PORTFOLIO ACQUISITION:   Established factors in need of liquidity or changing strategic direction will find a flexible and experienced partner in Riviera Finance, enabling smooth transition for existing clients and a reliable income stream.

CORPORATE ACQUISITION:   Riviera Finance seeks acquisitions of small- to medium-sized factoring firms in transition. We are interested in acquiring whole companies and/or divisions thereof, and will preserve existing management, branding, and other aspects of corporate structure to the extent it supports our mutual strategies. Substantial ongoing income is available to the business shareholders.

CO-MARKETING arrangements are available to factoring companies in specialized markets, allowing affiliates to reach a broader spectrum of prospects, increase market saturation, and share in marketing costs. Co-marketing agreements are customized to the mutual needs of the affiliation.

Please direct inquiries to:

Tom Brinkley
Sales Support Director
Riviera Finance