Invoice Factoring and Financing for Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Companies

Just starting up a commercial cleaning business or is your existing business in a cash flow crunch? Receivables factoring for janitorial service providers is a simple series of transactions that convert your unpaid invoices into cash you can use to run your business.

Working capital is crucial to grow a commercial cleaning or janitorial business. You need funds to cover:

  • Weekly payroll
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Insurance premiums

Commercial buildings and businesses rely on the regular cleaning services of janitorial companies, however they generally pay once a month on a Net 30 basis.  This often puts the janitorial business in a tight cash flow situation.  Fortunately, there is a simple solution for these commercial cleaning and janitorial businesses.  Invoice factoring can improve cash flow while also reducing administrative costs.

Expand your Janitorial or Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Business with Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring or accounts receivable factoring converts your unpaid invoices (accounts receivable) into ready cash that you can use to operate your business.  Take advantage of bulk discounts, cover payroll, and take on additional business.

Benefits of Factoring for Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Companies:

Maximum Cash Flow – Up to 93% of the billed amount immediately

Total Flexibility – Funding on demand, when you need it

Financial Freedom – No Debt is Created

Bad Debt Protection – Credit Guarantees on the Invoices We Factor

Why Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Companies Choose Riviera Finance

Riviera Finance is a full-service, non-recourse, industry leading factoring company.  That means you have a dedicated team that sends your invoices and becomes your accounts receivable department by tracking and collecting payments from your clients so that you can focus on growing your business.  We also serve as your credit department and credit insurance provider by checking your customers’, and potential customers’ credit history then taking the credit risk on any invoices we factor. Finally, we have been working with businesses like yours since 1969 and know what small businesses need in a factoring partner.

Turn Invoices into cash

Recent Funding

Type Of Business: Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance
Factoring Line: $200,000
Location: Jacksonville, FL

A cleaning and maintenance company was seeing a surge in their business and needed working capital to cover payroll and hire additional employees. Riviera got them all set-up and funded in under a week. They now feel they will be able to double their monthly revenue with the support of Riviera’s $200,000 factoring line.

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