Invoice factoring with Riviera can help your business grow.

Riviera Finance turns business receivables into ready cash. Our invoice factoring process is simple, flexible, and effective. We fund up to 95% of invoice within 24 hours of verification. You choose which invoices to factor, depending on the cash flow needs of your business. Just give us the paperwork your customer requires, and we'll take care of the rest.

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As the experts in accounts receivable finance, Riviera Finance provides complete credit services, invoice processing, and receivables management a full-value package that gives you the cash flow and invoice factoring resources to meet your business objectives.

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Accounts receivable factoring is a popular and effective small-business financing tool. Truckers across North America are factoring freight to pay drivers and meet cash expenses. Temp staffing firms use full-service invoice factoring for payroll funding, and emerging companies in the oil & gas industy are choosing invoice factoring over small business loans to provide their working capital. Over 25,000 businesses have used Riviera Finance as their factoring company.

We are happy to work with factoring brokers to provide small business financing for their clients through our accounts receivable factoring products. Learn more about payroll funding, factoring freight, and the many benefits of using Riviera Finance as your factoring company. We have invoice factoring offices in the following cities:



Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
San Jose, CA
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA
El Paso, TX


Calgary, AB



Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Williston, ND
Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX



Miami, FL
Tampa, FL
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC
Hoboken, NJ
Princeton, NJ
Philadelphia, PA
Nashville, TN


Toronto, ON