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This load is approved for immediate cash by Riviera Finance.
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The QuickPay is Riviera’s way of telling you a broker or shipper is pre-approved for factoring. You locate the load you want to haul – we give you the QuickPay, not only guaranteeing payment for the load, but turning it into CASH after you deliver.

We’re Riviera Finance, North America’s number one factoring company, dedicated to giving you the credit you’re due, and the cash you need to grow your business. Just as we’ve been doing for over 51 years.

Now we’ve teamed up with Link Logistics to combine the benefits of freight matching and factoring in one streamlined package.

QuickPay Features

  • Broker &Shipper credit pre-approved
  • Funds transferred into your account within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Credit guarantees on approved bills
  • Real-time online account management
  • Full bill processing and collection system

QuickPay Benefits

  • Smarter decision-making
  • Zero bad debt
  • Ready cash for drivers and cash expenses
  • Funds available for growth
  • Streamlined administration

As a Transcore/Link Logistics carrier, you already have a powerful tool to keep your trucks on the road and as productive as possible. Add factoring and rest assured you’ll always have the cash to pay your drivers, meet expenses, and grow your business. And be confident that you’ll get paid for the loads you haul when we approve the credit.

When you factor loads with Riviera, you get a credit guarantee on the loads you factor, you get up to 95% in cash for your freight bills, and you get a complete invoice management system. You concentrate on running your business, not worrying about cash flow, bad debt and collections.

For immediate action, complete the short form or call Riviera at 1-800-872-7484