Loans for New Small Businesses, Financing & Invoice Factoring.

How does invoice factoring compare to a small business loan?

A small business loan creates debt for your company, while an invoice factoring line does not. Accounts receivable factoring maximizes working capital for payroll funding and other expenses, by simply converting invoices to cash flow.

A factoring company like Riviera Finance bases small business financing approvals on your customers’ credit, while bank loans for small business assess your credit position for approval.

Compare the services of Riviera Finance to a small business loan. Our services include:

  • Accounts receivable factoring
  • Maximum cash flow for payroll funding and growth
  • Cash flow management

While loans for small businesses create debt and can be difficult to obtain, Riviera Finance provides small business financing simply and without debt.

New small business loans often produce less working capital than accounts receivable factoring. Our factoring company focuses entirely on maximizing working capital for payroll funding and other business needs in a way basic loans for small businesses can’t. Ask about our small business financing products today.

Discover non-recourse invoice factoring, a great way for your business to generate working capital without the debt burden of new small business loans. When banks turn down loans for small businesses, they often refer them to Riviera Finance for small business financing.