Cash And Credit Guarantees On the Loads You Haul!

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You’ll benefit right away when you use the GreenLight by Riviera Finance®
It means cash and it means security.

With Riviera Finance, there’s no more guessing when or whether you’ll get paid for loads – we pay you in 24 hours, and we guarantee the credits we approve.

Instead of waiting to get paid, get the cash you need when you need it. For paying drivers, and for all the costs of running and growing your business, there’s no substitute for cash flow.

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  • Payment Guarantee on GreenLight® loads: Look for loads with the GreenLight icon next to the credit score. This icon means that the party offering the load is pre-approved by Riviera Finance for factoring. If you factor the load and the broker goes out of business, Riviera Finance absorbs the loss.
  • Immediate Cash: Haul a GreenLight® load. Submit your freight bill and paperwork to your local Riviera Finance office. Within 24 hours, Riviera Finance will wire your funds, less our fee for service, into your account. It’s that simple.
  • Fuel Account: You can wire funds from factored invoices directly into your Riviera Finance Fuel Card Account. These funds will be available to your drivers immediately at truck stops across North America. Ask your local representative for more information on the Riviera Finance Fuel Card.
  • Invoice Management: Submit your bill and Riviera Finance handles the rest: mailing, accounting and collection. Focus on growing your business while Riviera Finance handles the paperwork and administration of all your receivables.
  • Other Credit Approvals: You can request credit approval on any load. Use our instant “Fast Credit” online approval tool, 24/7, or call your local Riviera Finance office during business hours. All of our credit tools are yours free of charge.
  • Online Monitoring: Access Riviera Finance’s Online Account Management (ROAM) with Web access 24/7. ROAM keeps you up to date with the details of all your factored and pending bills.
  • Flexibility: Factor some of your loads or all of them. The choice is yours. There is no required minimum volume.

Learn more about Invoice Factoring by visiting our What is Factoring and FAQ pages.