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We are the experts in invoice factoring and accounts receivable management. Riviera Finance maintains offices throughout North America to provide face-to-face service and expert financial solutions to small and medium-sized businesses whose factoring needs range from $10,000 – $2,000,000 a month . Currently serving more than 1,400 clients,  Riviera is a pioneer in the industry with a first-rate reputation, excellent credit rating, and maintains a diversified capital base.  This all means we will be there for you when you need capital and provide it with industry leading customer service.   Get Started with a Free Quote Today!

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What is Invoice Factoring & How Does it Work?

Invoice factoring gives businesses the power to ensure growth without incurring debt. Clients are funded within 24 hours after invoices are submitted and verified by Riviera.

    1. We Establish a Credit Limit
    2. You Deliver Your Product or Service As Usual
    3. You Send Your Invoice Directly to Riviera Finance
    4. We Verify the Product Was Received or Service Performed
    5. You Receive Cash from Riviera Within 24 Hours
    6. Your Customers Pay Us Directly
Invoice Factoring Explained

Why Choose Riviera Finance for Invoice Factoring?

We often ask our clients why they trust their cash flow to Riviera. Listed below are seven top reasons clients choose Riviera Finance as their invoice factoring company.

When a business needs cash, an extra day can make all the difference. At Riviera, our entire business process is built around immediate response to client needs, and the fastest cash turnaround in the industry. 24-hour funding is guaranteed.

Our clients rely on us for cash flow solutions. They expect us to be there when they need us providing service they can depend on. That’s why we have 125 skilled employees at key locations across the U.S. approving credit, processing invoices, and wiring funds. Our factoring services are reliable and dependable.

It’s frustrating to wait for payment from your customers on product that’s already been delivered. It can be even more frustrating to wait for your invoice factoring company to pay your reserve. At Riviera, we consistently pay the highest cash advances in the industry and strive to fund our clients without holding reserves. Our standard advance is 92% of invoice.

Whenever there’s a need to check in on your accounts, payment status, submit invoices for payment, or get a credit check, Riviera is available. With ROAM, Riviera’s Online Account Management system, your accounts are available online 24/7. And with our 21 locations, whether in person or by phone, someone is available to answer any questions during business hours.

Simple applications, no set-up fees, and no long-term contracts make getting started with Riviera easy. And with Riviera’s flexible service, you receive the same professional attention and fast cash deliveries whether we manage a few of your invoices or all of your invoices. Submit your invoices and Riviera will handle the rest: mailing, accounting, and collection.

At Riviera, we listen to our customers and provide the types of services they need. Hearing what our clients need and consistently delivering it builds trust and a satisfied customer relationship. Repeatedly, we receive letters citing the high level of service we deliver. From our receptionist to your account executive, we are personally managing your accounts and working for you.

Your company can be out of business if your funding company is out of cash. When you factor with Riviera, you can feel secure knowing that funds are always available for your next funding. Still under original ownership, Riviera has earned a profit every year since 1969.

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