Non-Recourse Factoring Services

Does Riviera Finance offer Non-Recourse Factoring services?

Since 1969, Riviera Finance has offered non-recourse factoring services. Non-recourse factoring is the outright purchase of accounts receivable (invoices) for cash. This method of business financing provides a company with cash flow, protection from bad debt, and accounts receivable management services.

Riviera Finance pioneered the use of non-recourse factoring for small, growing companies. Without the cash flow to afford an accounts receivable staff, or the financial history to qualify for a business loan, many growing companies find value in the non-recourse factoring services provided by Riviera Finance.

One main feature of non-recourse factoring is that Riviera Finance will guarantee payment of the factored invoice, even if your customer goes bankrupt. This guarantee is a powerful tool that can eliminate bad debt. Under recourse factoring, the borrower must have the ability to “buy back” the invoice if the customer is unable to pay.

To deliver our non-recourse factoring services, Riviera Finance employs a team of accounts receivable management professionals in local offices across the United States and Canada. Riviera Finance non-recourse factoring clients depend on us every day to provide full credit, invoice processing, posting and collection services.

Riviera Finance has met the working capital needs of over 10,000 companies.