Freight Bill, Freight Factoring Service, Trucking Bill Of Lading.

What is freight factoring?

We offer freight factoring services to help trucking businesses improve working capital. When factoring freight bills, carriers attach a signed bill of lading as proof of delivery, and receive cash flow in return from Riviera Finance. Freight bill factoring by selling your trucking bills is a popular and easy way to secure the small business financing you need.

Let Riviera Finance be your freight bill factoring service. For 40 years we’ve offered:

  • Freight bill factoring
  • Small business financing
  • Maximum cash flow
  • Increased working capital

Factoring freight bills is easy. Simply turn them in with a valid bill of lading and receive cash flow in return. Find out how selling your trucking bills to a freight factoring service can increase cash for fuel, drivers and expenses.

Discover the advantages of freight bill factoring. Our freight bill factoring service is a popular method of small business financing. When factoring freight, we deliver cash in return for your trucking bill and valid bill of lading. It’s that simple.

Our freight factoring service provides you with maximum cash flow and full management of your accounts receivable. When factoring freight bills, we perform credit checks and invoice processing so our clients can manage their trucking businesses. Freight bill factoring is a powerful tool to help you improve your bottom line.