Riviera Finance August 31, 2012 No Comments

In August, eight clients directly benefited from Riviera Finance’s non-recourse factoring program when Riviera Finance submitted just over $101,000.00 for write-off. The non-recourse benefits extended to a trucking client in Southern California where Riviera Finance absorbed a $48,000.00 credit risk. In Dallas, where Riviera Finance absorbed a $26,400.00 credit risk for another trucking client, and in Chicago where Riviera Finance absorbed a $9,000.00 credit risk for a staffing agency.

Often times the value of non-recourse factoring is under estimated, but for many small businesses a write-off is difficult to absorb and may even force a company out of business.

It makes one wonder why there is not a greater emphasis placed on the value of non-recourse factoring, because when a write-off hits it hurts?

Riviera Finance has been providing the benefits of non-recourse factoring to their clients for over 40 years by assuming the credit risk on their customer, the account debtor.