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Kim Bukovsky | Freight Bill Factoring PresentationAt Riviera Finance, we look for opportunities for our colleagues to get involved in the community and showcase their expertise. Kim Bukovsky, Midwest Development Manager, presented our Freight Bill Factoring Program and services to a transportation dispatching class on Saturday, February 25. She joined Julia Vasco with Paradox Solutions Group in their dispatch training center for a lunch and learn presentation.

Paradox Solutions Group is an in-class training center that provides everything you need to know about starting and establishing a trucking company.

They provide and assist with the following tasks:

  • Obtaining DOT and MC numbers
  • Corporations and Federal Tax ID’s
  • All U.S. and Canada truck permits
  • Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Tax
  • IFTA Calculations
  • QuickBooks and bookkeeping

In these classes, you will also learn how to work as an OTR Dispatcher. Julia has more than 15 years of experience in the transportation industry and can help you with your questions. Visit their website to learn more about their dispatch training and services – they are not a trucking company, they are a training center

Kim Bukovsky & Julia Vasco During The Freight Bill Factoring Lunch & Learn Presentation

Riviera Finance has been providing freight bill factoring to the trucking industry for more than 45 years and can help you get paid faster. Our program allows you to factor your freight bills and get paid within 24 hours.

Visit our website for additional information and approval on our invoice factoring program and services for your start up trucking company.